Our First DJ Gig Log: Chauvet Nimbus Product Review

We're excited to introduce our first official video for our DJ Gig Log Series where we will be showcasing our events, products, and services to our clients and DJ's all over the world. Owner and Founder Aaron Morales aka DJ Krooks walks us through how the Chauvet Nimbus Dry Ice Machine works and the behind the scenes look of how we provided our Dancing On The Clouds service at a beautiful wedding held at The Humble Civic Center near Houston,TX. Krooks also shares his biggest tips for using the Chauvet Nimbus at weddings and how DJ's should consider using it in their market.

Vendor Shoutout:

Event Planner: Divine Works @divineworks_events

Photographer: Candor Pictures @candorpictures


Sheila Burki Designs @sheilaburkidesigns

Dancefloor: Inkredible Dancefloors @inkredibledancefloors

Dress: Daughters Of Nonyelum Atelier @daughtersofnonyelum

Hair: @hairbykemz

Suit: OBHG @obhg.us

MC: @mckofiwilliams

Servers/Waiters: @rossyscatering

Bartenders: Exquisite Taste Mobile Bartending @exquisitetastemobilebartendering


The Chauvet Nimbus is a great product to use as it truly creates a memorable moment for clients and guests involved.

Who wouldn't want to have one of these at their wedding?

For more information on our Dancing On The Clouds service in Houston,TX please visit us HERE

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